Active Aligners in Caterham and How They Work

Active aligners in Caterham

What are they?

Carefully designed, these clear aligners have been custom made for your teeth and specifically created to treat crooked or misaligned teeth. They are 3D scanned technology so you can position them in the best way possible without causing any pain; no more yanking wires while trying not to irritate your gums.

How do they work?

At Caterham Smiles, we have the perfect solution for you. We can take dental impressions within minutes using 3D technology, and our customers love how fast this process is because they know their treatment plan will involve only good things: no one wants an uneven smile!

When the scan is complete, your teeth will be Thermoformed, where the mould is heated again to make them pliable for you. The finished product cools into its desired shape so that it can create customised aligners bit by bit!

Every person has a unique mouth, and our materials come together to provide you with the best smile for your needs. Every treatment plan is different, but we’ll always work hard on compliance so international quality assurance standards will never be an issue!

Why choose Active Aligners in Caterham?

You’re not alone. With Active Aligners in Caterham, you can feel confident again and enjoy life with gorgeous teeth! Our discreet treatment plans are first-class for everyone’s unique needs; they’re FDA approved, so there won’t be any metal on your frame, making it an excellent choice for those who want to have straightened teeth without having braces themselves.

At Caterham Smiles, we are proud to offer Active Aligners treatment with clear braces that are almost undetectable, the best option for you if you want them to not be seen. Patients get the option of taking them off when necessary, and our team will work hard so you can have straighter teeth again!

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