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Professional Dentists in Tandridge

For an excellent dental experience, visit Caterham Smiles when looking for Dentists in Tandridge.

The team of professionals at this clinic has the knowledge and skills required to provide quality services that will leave your teeth feeling clean! They offer everything from check-ups to whitening procedures, so don’t wait any longer, book today for a quick consultation or treatment plan session!

Our dentistry is the best place if you’re looking for a dentist who will listen to your needs. They have years of experience and strive to provide exceptional services with great detail, meaning all patients receive only quality care. We want everyone visiting us today not just satisfied but excited about their visit. This is why everything from check-ups on time scales down to how painless procedures are carried out depends heavily upon client satisfaction scores.

At Caterham Smiles, we go the extra mile to help patients achieve and maintain excellent dental health. We offer a range of services that include Dental Implants, Dentures, Invisalign, Invisible Braces, Teeth Straightening, Teeth Whitening and more!

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Dentists in Tandridge

You’re in luck! Caterham Smiles has just what you need to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Whether it’s a Toothache, general dental work such as check-ups, we can help with years of our experience offering the best solutions available for long-term oral hygiene from both aesthetic perspectives as well as therapeutic procedures such as prosthetics when necessary.

Declared below are a variety of our dental treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry: With cosmetic dentistry, you can have the opportunity to restore your smile and boost self-confidence. Our team of experts aims to educate their patients about proper dental care to regain a healthy lifestyle with the confidence that there won’t be any pain later in life if an expert dentist like us does regular check-ups!

General Dentistry: Caterham Smiles is dedicated to providing everyone with the best experiences when visiting a dentist. Within General Dentistry, they offer Crowns and Bridges and Surgical Extractions for teeth extraction surgery services that are safe in general anaesthesia. Frightening moments can be made less fearful through sedative procedures.

Specialist Dentistry: Specialist Dentistry Services are here to help you prevent any potential tooth diseases through our advanced dental care. Here at Caterham Smiles, we can perform thorough examinations and assessments on your gums or mouth to assess the situation accordingly if there is an issue regarding receding gum disease or even periodontal diseases occurring in which they recommend suitable solutions for all of the needs without causing pain – ensuring that no one suffers from losing their teeth!

Dental Implants and Prosthetics: The dentist at Caterham Smiles is always looking for new ways to improve your smile and prevent any potential infections. They have recently been using Implant Dentistry, which helps hide the missing teeth while also maintaining dental hygiene habits throughout all times of life.

Tooth Whitening and Invisalign: At Caterham Smiles, we want you to have straight, white teeth with a beautiful smile. We do this through effective dental treatments that will help improve your confidence in smiling again! Invisible Braces are one of the most reliable forms for straighter teeth. Give us a call today to discuss what would work best for your lifestyle.

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The importance of maintaining dental hygiene

At Caterham Smiles, we strive to make sure that every patient has a smile they can call their own. We offer multiple treatment options, so each customer gets what they want regarding our services and dental hygiene maintenance when you leave the dentist office is just as important!

  • It improves overall health. 
  • Helps in the early discovery of oral problems and diseases.
  • Avoid any oral health issues like tooth loss, tooth pain and cavities. 
  • Enjoy a whiter natural smile.  
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Customised dental treatments to improve your overall oral health

At Caterham Smiles, your smile is a priority. We prioritise you and give undivided attention through oral care plans that include: 

Initial Examination: We recommend making an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will inform you of any medical suggestions during your examination and may perform a visual check-up before treatment begins, depending on what’s needed for each patient’s needs.

Patient Goals: Dentists are never happy when someone comes in for their first appointment and already know the problem. That’s why we will take some time during your initial consultation to discuss both current oral health conditions and explore potential solutions together so you can achieve optimal oral hygiene at home.

Schedule a follow-up: You already know that our hygienists are the best in town, but did you also realise how much work they do after each appointment? They schedule an evaluation to make sure your teeth are fit and healthy. Sometimes this includes any medication necessary for maintaining oral health!

Get Long-Lasting Results here at Caterham Smiles

You can expect the safest and most reliable treatments explicitly tailored to your needs with our professional dentists.

At Caterham Smiles, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their skin.

You’re in good hands at our dentist. Despite any anxiety you may feel about visiting a dental office, our experienced staff will create a comfortable and suitable environment for everyone, including those who are Nervous when it comes time to see us! We also have emergency services available should something happen unexpectedly, so don’t hesitate to call.

Why choose Caterham Smiles for Dental Treatments?

  • You can have customised and expert dental treatments which will fit your requirements. 
  • We follow superior methods to implement solutions that go beyond standard expectations. 
  • We apply state-of-the-art technology.
  • We understand that comfort is essential for our patients.
  • We maintain honesty with our clients for practical solutions.
  • We provide Emergency Dentist check-ups, examinations and consultations.

If you need a Dentist appointment, please call us today!


Friendly. Happy Smiles.

Our goal is to make you smile, we aim to make our patients happy.
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