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Professional Teeth Whitening in Merstham

If you’re looking for Teeth Whitening in Merstham, Caterham Smiles is the place to go! Achieve a gorgeous smile from this treatment that lasts for a long time. Whether you want a bright smile to match your personality or require teeth whitening due to discolouration, our dental practice has the perfect solution for you. We make sure that every patient gets treated with care and concern, so they walk out feeling confident about their appearance once more!

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Teeth Whitening in Merstham

Want to turn back time and get that squeaky-clean smile of your youth? Let our dentists help make it happen with a Teeth Whitening in Merstham. With one quick visit, they can make all those missing or discoloured enamel points shine like new again! If you’re interested in wanting this done for yourself, give us a call today so that we may schedule an appointment before beginning services together.

Everyone knows it’s essential to brush your teeth, but did you know that drinking coffee can lead to stained teeth? This is where whitening comes in.

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What We Offer

As you age, your teeth become more susceptible to treatment. However, we must be honest with our patients and let them know what they could experience during dental appointments, no matter how old one gets!
The dentists will spot early stages of discolouration and look further into their medical history for potential issues if these occur again in the future but rest assured we are here to help, and Teeth Whitening could be the answer.

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Dental care and Teeth Whitening

At Caterham Smiles, we offer two different treatments that will help keep your pearly whites white and shiny! With our mission of making people feel confident about themselves through beautiful smiles, call us today for more information on how you can achieve this goal.

One of the most common teeth whitening treatments is now available. Boutique Whitening only takes one hour and 50 minutes for you to wear per day, plus four overnight gels, which makes this a great option if your busy schedule doesn’t allow regular trips back to the dentist.

Look at the bright side of life! Your teeth will be whiter in just one session. Airflow Cleaning is a pressurised procedure that uses water and sodium bicarbonate with lemon flavour for extra enjoyment, so don’t wait until it’s too late; call us or visit our website today if you’re interested in Teeth Whitening in Merstham.

Why choose Caterham Smiles for Dental Treatments?

  • You can have customised and expert dental treatments which will fit your requirements. 
  • We follow superior methods to implement solutions that go beyond standard expectations. 
  • We apply state-of-the-art technology.
  • We understand that comfort is essential for our patients.
  • We maintain honesty with our clients for practical solutions.
  • We provide Emergency Dentist check-ups, examinations and consultations.

If you need a Dentist appointment, please call us today!


Friendly. Happy Smiles.

Our goal is to make you smile, we aim to make our patients happy.
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