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Toothache in Merstham

Toothaches are excruciating and should be treated as quickly as possible. Suppose you’re suffering from a toothache in Merstham. In that case, we have the perfect solution for your pain here at Caterham Smiles with our advanced techniques, which will limit any infections progressing due to limited time spent on treatment! Our team has extensive knowledge, so don’t hesitate to ask us what’s best for you.

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Get Rid of Painful Toothache in Merstham

Toothaches affect 20 million people every year, and the pain can be very intense when you experience it. Kids are also at risk for tooth decay, which is why their teeth need to be checked as soon as possible by a dentist who specialises in this area of care, so they don’t end up with any serious problems later down the line!

Signs of Toothache and when you need to visit the Dentist

A toothache is a painful sensation that can happen in your mouth, and infection of the pulp often brings it on. If left untreated, these symptoms may worsen over time or become agonisingly intense at times; this means you’ve got work ahead if there are any signs to look out for, such as:

  • Feeling pain when chewing
  • Getting headaches when chewing
  • Consistently having bad breath 
  • Consistently having bad taste in your mouth
  • Experiencing sensitive teeth in high and low temperatures
  • Experiencing bleeding or discharge from your gums
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Expert Tips from Caterham Smiles to Prevent Toothache

Here are a few easy ways you can avoid toothache in Merstham.

  • Brush in the morning and before bed to keep strong and healthy gums. 
  • Don’t forget to floss every day. Flossing clears plaque from the sides of teeth, crucial for oral health. 
  • If possible, avoid or restrict the amount you smoke. Smoking has been known to damage tooth enamel, which is required to protect your teeth. 

Toothache is a painful condition that many people deal with. Unfortunately, there’s no single solution to fix all your problems and make you feel better again, but we’re here for the long haul! We’ll work hard until every last inch of pain has been relieved, so call now if needed!


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